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Name:Broken Amethyst
Birthdate:Oct 11
Location:United States of America
Website:Broken Amethyst Writes
Age disclaimer: I'm 23 years old currently

Contact Info: I respond quicker to Private messages and personal emails than threads. My PM is in my Livejournal profile and my email is or

Other Sites: InsaneJournal (
Dreamwidth (
Archive of Our Own (
Wordpress (


Minors and those of delicate constitution. Many of the fics that I've written or am in the process of writing have explicit Adult Content! They will depict mainly homosexual relations (often in graphic detail), occasional heterosexual content and a graphic of sex. There will be violence and language and all of the good and bad stuff not meant for sensitive eyes and ears.

Honestly, I am not responsible for underage readers. So please make sure you're of age in your home country or region. I don't want to get in trouble and I'm sure you don't want to cause trouble either.

If my material offends, disgusts or bothers you, and you don't have a concise argument against it passed "homesexuality is wrong" don't bother messaging me about it. I accept no responsibility if you continue to read my material and it offends you. Flames will be used to have bon fires on the beach.

Again, I take no responsibility for underage readers but fully discourage them from viewing.

The Disclaimer

I own nothing but the stories and art I create; I place no claim on the Original work of J.K Rowling who, unfortunately, owns Harry Potter and Characters. I am merely borrowing them, but they will be returned just slightly traumatized. The same goes for and Naruto fanfiction and art created; Naruto belongs to Kishimoto. This disclaimer also extends to Tommy Blancha and Brendon Small for their work Metalocalypse. I bow before the true metal gods and merely request to borrow their wonderful boys for not-so kosher entertainment but they will be returned slightly mussed but intact. I have no intention of copyright infringement or gaining money. I also have no yeah.

Friending: Feel free to friend me! I love meeting new people so don't hesitate to friend; I promise to always try to friend back! If you are under 18 years of age I apologize but I will not friend back and request that you not view my material.

Updated: I've noticed that some of the people I have friended have deleted me due to my not updated. I am not a "bot" but a unashamed lurker with serious anal retentive issues when it comes to my writing. If I haven't posted in a while it does not me that I don't have fics in the work, their just being subjected to the usual hand wringing and nitpicking. They'll be up soon enough if I can hold off the horde of zombie plot bunnies laying siege to my mind castle

Replies to Comments: I will always respond to PMs and personal emails ( ; To be honest if you made a comment in a thread and it gets too long I probably won't get around to responding because of how many alerts there will be but I will always promise to try.

About me:
0(^o^)0 0(^o^)0

I am a constant procrastinator with many ideas in my head that I'm often too lazy to write down. I am the proud owner of two rescued cats and a beautiful snake. I'm currently hiatus to Uni and am working like a dog in the Iditarod. My interests are in Creative Writing, Library Science, Mythology and Art. I'm a bit of a hermit but I'm always eager to help if I can. I love writing and painting.


I again confess to a certain anal retentiveness when it comes to my work and what I share with others, I have over seventy six fics in the work that I will be posting upon completion and standard editing (times a thousand). I will keep my update schedule posted in my profile so check from time to time.

Complete Works:


"Catharsis" (Toki/Skwisgaar)

Harry Potter


Work In Progress

---Too many to count x.x
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